Lash Extensions

Lash extensions aren't a luxury, they are a need!! That is why we offer many different price and style options to suit your needs.
Classic Full Set-$150.00
A one- to one application where you get 90-100% coverage of your lash line.
3-D Volume Full Set-$199.00
3-D Volume set uses multiple lightweight lashes to double or even triple the amount of your natural lashes. Great for clients looking for a thicker everyday look or those with lighter lashlines looking to fill in sparse areas.
Russian Volume Full Set- $299.00
Russian volume is a technique that uses 4-9 lightweight lashes in order to create a dark dramatic lashline. This set is for those with an already thick, healthy natural lashline. Consultation is required.
Mini classic: $35 and Up* Mini 3-D volume:$55 Mini Russian Volume: $65 *prices vary depending on Technition
2-3 Week Fill
Classic: $55 & Up* 3-D Volume: $65 Russian Volume: $85 *Prices vary depending on technition
3 Week Plus
Classic Lashes: $75 & up 3-D Volume: $85 Russian Volume: $105 *prices vary depending on technition

Natural Eyelash Enhancement

Lash Lift-$65
A lash lifting treatment is designed to enhance your natural lashes by lifting them rather than curling them, creating the illusion of longer, thicker lashes. This treatment lasts up to 4 weeks.
Lash Tint-$25
Eyelash tinting is a form of hair dye, specifically formulated to use on the eyelashes. It Darkens the lashes without smudging,clotting or coming off. Great for Fair or blonde lashes.

Temporary Lashes

Strip Lashes
The adhesive used is mild on the skin, meaning that you can sleep in your lashes and still wake up looking gorgeous! The quality of the hair also enables the lashes to be worn multiple times. $10.00
Flare Lashes
Cluster lashes are applied to the lashline giving natural thickness and length. $15


Our technicians are specifically trained to shape, design and remove hair in the most professional and painless way possible. The Lash Lounge specializes in Brazilian waxing using Hard wax. This wax is specifically engineered to adhere firmly to fine and coarse hair without sticking to skin, resulting in reduced pain and a quicker service.
Eyebrow Design-$18.00
Upper Lip-$12.00
Brow and Lip-$26.00
The Audrey-$35.00
A classic bikini wax for the classy lady.
The Marilyn-$45.00
Dare to go barely there, just a little left in all the right places.
The Britney-$65
Nothing left, that's right, Nothing. Just be careful getting out of limos. TIP: Hair need to be outgrown for minimum of 10 days prior to wax.
Half Leg-$35.00
Full Leg-$65.00


Makeup Application - $60.00
Includes traditional or airbrush makeup application and your choice of strip lashes.
Just Eyes - $35.00
Includes eyemakeup and your choice of strip lashes.
Bridal Makeup - $75.00
Includes traditional or airbrush, your choice of flare or strip lashes and your day of lip color.
Bridal Trial - $60
Includes traditional or airbrush and your choice of strip or flare lashes.